Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas can go fuck itself

As usual another time of the year when were are expected to spend shit loads of cash on other people. Being my usual self I've opted not to buy presents for anyone so I save loads of cash.

This can all be spent on more beer and food for me making it a very merry christmas indeed.

New years eve can fuck off as well.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dead Man's Shoes

"God will forgive them and allow them into heaven ! i can't live with that"

Never heard of this till the other day and I'm glad I've now seen it as it's the best Briitish film I have seen to date.

Basically the mad looking bastard above (Paddy Considine) plays a guy called Richard, an ex-paratrooper who's been away for 7 years. In this time his younger brother Anthony (Toby Kebbell), who is mentally-challenged, has been abused and harrassed by the local drug dealers.

Worth seeing or this scene alone:

Herbie: Can I help you, mate?
Richard: [shrugs] Sorry?
Herbie: [says aggressively] What the fuck are you looking at?
Richard: [shouts] You, ya cunt!

Quality revenge flick with an unexcpected twist. And Paddy Considine is just downright fuckling ace.

Pearl of the Cobra

Oddly enough it's not a dodgy porn flick, though it does sound like one.

It is Rambo IV, of all things. Sylvester Stallone is not content with bringing back Rocky he is doing this as well. Now I thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was too old to be in T3 but he did a fairly decent job. Rocky is meant to be preety good but I'll see what I think when it's released.

I'm actually looking forward to another Rambo. Fucking loved the first 3.

I'm also told Italy won the World Cup this year. But there a bunch of dirty cheating bastards anyway so maybe England should follow suit in order to win in 2010.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Super eyes

Arsene Wenger must have them. Other wise he would not have come out with this beauty of a comment after Van Persie went down like he was hit by a truck then shot.

"I have not seen a replay but it looked a penalty," said Wenger.

Brilliant, so he can say it was a penalty even though he has not seen the replay AND was sat quite a way away. Classic.

Liverpool had a preety tame game against PSV but a point is better than none. All the teams in our group have a point so it's all to play for.

I m,ade the effort to watch Man Utd play Celtic this morning. Yep, 4.45am it kicked off over here. Fucking 9 hour time difference. Was a good game though, five goal thriller if you like that term. I was quite glad to see Solskjaer play again. Seeing as he has been injured for about 5 years the bloke still looks 12. Rooney needs more games though, he looked shit.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bald Bastard

I am of course talking about Andrew Johnson, a slap head who joined Everton from Crystal Palace. As soon as I saw his name of the team sheet Saturday I knew it would be a tricky game. He scored a boat load whilst at Palace and I'm sure he will do the same at Everton.

As for the game it was a complete nightmare for me. As usual we had 20 shots or so on goal and still never scored. Everton had about 5 chances and put away 3. The first 2 goals being defender fuck ups and the last one, even though annoying, was quite funny to see. Reina needed to clear the ball but ended up placing it on Johnson's head. It was the 93rd min and we were 2-0 down anyway. Cheered me up in a strage way.

So next we have PSV in the CL and then Chelsea in the PL. It's going to be win then lose I reckon.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fruit of the Doom

So all job hunting is turning out to be a fucking pain in the ass over here. As such I have decided to go and try my hand at fuit picking up north.

Will involve staying in a hostel with other backpakers and then given jobs on local farms either picking, pruning or planting fruit. Sounds better than doing telesales or working in McDonalds. I can top up on my already decent tan and lose some weight, which is always nice.

Shall keep you posted.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Six weeks in

Finding a job has been a pain in the ass so far. Some places won't take me on as I have a working Visa and other places are too far away. Some places are too shit to work at also. The other day I worked one day doing door to door sales and the manager was an absolute cunt. So at the end of the day I told him to fuck off and went home. The guy that started the same day as me did the same the next day :)

I start a job for a week tomorrow posting leaflets. Nice easy job and I some some exercise and more of a tan.

Bit dissapointed Liverpool only drew yesterday but Arsenal drew as well and I'll wait and see what Man Utd and Chelsea do today. Nice that we beat them in the Community Shield though, haha.

On a plus note I went to a Zoo the other day, feed Kangaroos and held a Koala. Hot day as well, will get upto 30c next week.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Australia Update PT 2

Well the job at Trend West turned out to be complete shite. And as such I quit today. Still earnt a weeks wage though so it's not too bad.

I have another interview on Wednesday at a place called AAPT. They are a Internet Support company so I should be getting this job. Not supporting BB though, oh no, back to basic modem support. Nice and easy :)

I'm told it starts getting proper hot in August/September time. Even the locals say it is too hot in summer. Bad news for me as I fucking hate really hot weather.

Anyway, I have the next 2 days off before my interview so I will spend those relaxing.